Making Life A Multiplanetary Species – Elon Musk – SpaceX

This is a post I have been wanting to make for a long time. This is not recent. without checking I believe it’s a little over a year old. That being said this is the future in development, or at least as close as we are ever going to out idealized version of it. Planning for the future is not something everybody else is doing. Our future IS Elon Musk, that is if we are fortunate enough to get one at all.

But know that attitude comes more from my lack of faith in the rest of humanity and not in some undying faith of Elon. Mars is a tough nut to crack. It will always be trying to kill you. At least until some far off generation can get terraforming figured out. Even if there were oxygen in the atmo in sufficient quantities to support people the air pressure is a fraction of what it is on earth. This means not only a constant dependence on pressure suits. but also that meteorites don’t burn up due to atmospheric friction. All things we can work around you say? what about not having a magnetosphere? This means no protection from the Sun’s radiation. What about the low gravity? .3g if i remember correctly, this leads to bone density issues. It also essentially eliminates the possibility of producing healthy children on Mars. If there is a colony on Mars it will have to be continually restocked with health people from Earth unless the kids spend half their childhood exercising in centrifuges.

So like I said many problems but I’m still hopeful. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Who am I & What is this blog.

Hey there person. This is my blog, the methaneSeagull.

The name is strange & the story of how I got it is anecdotal, perhaps one day I will decide its worth telling. But the short version is that it is a meaningless name and purposefully so. It is my hope that the monecere is meaningless enough to be ignored thus drawing attention to the content. I’m sure that if a PHD Psychologist ever reads this they will be able to instantly produce a short essay for my comment section about why that idea is ridiculous and wrong but I digress. This is about the site content. Or more recently the lack thereof.

I started this blog in summer 2017, It was initially a demonstration to both myself and whoever paid any attention of my growing knowledge of coding, web design, server admin, and any other skills necessary to complete a project like this without relying on 3rd party providers. Now you may say to yourself that the concept makes for a pretty boring website. And you would be correct. The site itself is not the substance. So I did what I could to fill it with media reviews, tech commentary, etc. and did what I could to promote it via Reddit. I did not monetize it then, and still haven’t today (yet) being that it was and still is just a project. But just to be clear that day is coming, $$$ helps bring better content just saying.

So the Reddit campaign met with limited success and would have continued had it not been for a far physical move for me. I was living in New England and now find myself is sunny Florida working a new job and spending much more time in the field and away from my desk. Needless to say the site has suffered, I believe my last post was last September.

That being said I’ve now been here 6 months. I’ve fallen into a routine. I’m starting to get at least a little bit of free time. (that or I’m just managing it better) And I’m ready to revive the methaneSeagull. though this time with real (kinda real) purpose. Still it will be a repository for my brain droppings, though I want to move away from being a media review site and more towards tech focused. I’m trying to start a software development company and this site will serve as an initial repository for that project. It will still be opinion based. Everything that goes on this site will be a product of the mind of myself or my associates. You are free to tell me I’m full of shit providing you can do it like a human being. (hint; don’t use the words “full of shit”) Were all humans here and make mistakes and are still expected to act civilly about it. Should a code of conduct be needed it will be swiftly drafted. Otherwise that’s it. Please enjoy