The Expanse 3.3 Assured Destruction

Before I start I just want to address my failed attempt at making these spoiler free last week. It’s terrible and I hated it, I couldn’t talk about anything! I’m really not sure how people talk about shows and movies and make them sound compelling while saying absolutely nothing about them. So this week please consider this to be a review. SPOILERS ALL. and if you hate it and want to go back to the old format do speak up and it will be taken under advisement.

This week is the week where the story threads finally merge. It is great to be able to finally see Bobby and Avasarala interact with the rest of the crew. Bobby is not too impressed with the crew of misfits that somehow wound up with possession of a Martian Navy corvette, nearly coming to blows with Amos. I’m fairly certain this will not be the first time, and by the end of the episode it is clear that neither of the two will easily win the hearts of any crew member.

The merging threads are also beneficial because they open up show time for some new threads to start. In this case it is the introduction the U.N.N. Ship Agatha King. It looks like we will finally get to see the Earther Navy from inside their ships. The ship looks pretty impressive, seems to me from the quality of set design that we will be seeing much of the Agatha King this season. The ship design is impressive. It is the first time I have seen anything from the Earther Navy in this show that doesn’t make me wonder why the Martians haven’t won already.

Cotyar is back apparently, I didn’t think we were going to see him again. But then seconds after returning the Agatha King shows up and Cotyar grabs the junior electrician that helped them escape Mao and throttles him. Typical spy BS, not much more to say about it.. SMH.

Then there is the side plot with Errinwright/Wormtongue talking the Secretary General into launching a first strike attack against a Martian missile platform. One UN round is late and the Martians get one missile off which nukes South America. This was all rolled up in the question of how much responsibility does a war time leader carry in regard to saving the lives of the civilians they rule. I hope this plot is expanded on in the future because even though I understood the reasoning I just wasn’t sold by the delivery. Of course with this show it is probably building to something.

I’m also beginning to notice that while all of the crew seem to think that every major player has a protomolecule sample now. I’m pretty certain that all Earth and Mars have are empty promises from Mao. This is almost certain to create more Naomi drama further into the season when everyone begins to realize that the protomolecule might not exist at all if she had destroyed it.

So that’s it. It was a down week. But the show needs a couple to bring the plot up to speed. Let’s just hope they’re not two in a row.