Fallout…. Miami??

The internet is again proving its ability to do Bethesda’s job better than Bethesda itself by not having to concern itself with petty issues like making payroll. Mika999 and a spattering of other 3d artists & developers have come together to produce a Fallout 4 full game overhaul mod drops us in the middle of formerly fabulous Miami Florida. That’s right kiddies grab your gamma ray tanning lotion. It’s time for palm trees, Mirelurks, Cuban sandwiches with fresh Yao Guai meat, Bhramin Ribs with a Guava BBQ Glaze and maybe even some Coconut Flavored Sugar Bombs…  Sorry, didn’t eat yet today.

The Project includes an entirely new map with several diverse neighborhoods from the industrialized slum “Meridian” to the lawn gnome ridden retirement community of “Flamingo”, with all the high rises, drugs, palm trees, clubs, and sunshine that one can expect in between. The project also adds several new factions. The (idea of) freedom loving “Nuclear Patriots” are what passes for order in the Everglades Wasteland. On the outside, they take a hard-line stance on slavery. But on closer inspection, their emancipation raids seem more like recruitment drives. This puts them in opposition to the “Cubanos” who, after being driven out of their native land by the Communist Chinese, have positioned their hands tightly around the throat of the local economy. For it wouldn’t be Miami without an entire landscape built on drug money. Which brings me to the final group in the menagerie. The “Dreamers” are a friendly collection of hallucinogenic pharmaceutical enthusiasts but with the twist that the Stanley Kubrick style drug that they are taking is more like a DIY version of the matrix than your average high.

This game mod and its storyline seem to have a lot of potential. I’m assuming the map will be significantly smaller than Fallout 4 but you never know. Hopefully, it will contain at least as much content as Fallout 3. I also hope that the story gets all due attention. I’m of the opinion that Fallout and TES both succeed or fail on their writing. I would play a large scale single player RPG with bad graphics providing the gameplay and storyline are good. If you switch that formula around I’m not sure the same logic holds true. Though the things I’m really excited to see are plenty of irradiated South Florida wildlife. Rabid land roaming Manatees, bipedal Alligators, Sabre Tooth Panthers, dive bombing Flamingos. Man, I could go on and on. But I won’t. We will just have to wait and see. Right now I’m cautiously optimistic.

Project site here.