Ads & Demons

I’ve always like Evan Hatfield ‘s work a lot. Like most people I’m sure I only knew him in terms of his father. Astronaut Chris Hatfield. But this series has really come into its own. It’s the way I used to feel about the VICE YouTube channel before (I felt) they got too political. This is essentially a travel Vlog but exactly the kind of travel I like best. The kind where you wind up in the hyper authentic kind of places that make tropical tourists put white knuckle grips onto their fanny packs and travel wallets. The official opinion is that you should watch all of these cause even the bad ones are good in their own way.

This particular episode is about advertising. How it may (or may not be) a necessary evil. Trust me I understand the irony. I just went live with ads yesterday. For me this is about time. I need the time to be able to work on the type of coding projects that I’m actually passionate about. It’s also about being paid to be smart again and not just to toil. You see unfortunately I still have to punch a clock for some shmoe. Don’t get me wrong my boss is a nice enough guy but not nice enough for me to love putting in 100% effort and getting back less.

You see that’s what I think is missing from this week’s episode. The realization that him, me & everyone else do these things as means to an end. For he certainly did. I wish I could make content that thought provoking and visually appealing. Maybe someday. But I’ll keep putting ads on my blog right up until the day I don’t have to.

PS. wouldn’t hurt to click on one, just saying

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