Expanse 3×04 RELOAD!!

This week was a fun even if it was a down week for the show. We got to see some supposedly badass Martians failing to be badasses. Some supposedly incompetent belters failing to be incompetent. A businessman who supposedly found his humanity utterly failing to act like a human being. And a world leader who supposedly found inner peace propagating a very external war. I guess you can tell by now I have some problems with this episode. But to clarify I love this series, and by ‘problems’ I mean more to say that I’m a superfan and I want to throw a temper tantrum about things barely worth mentioning. But even so, wow there were a lot of contradictions in this episode. The same belters that needed constant hand-holding and supervision by Miller during the raid on the Protogen base in season 2 now seem to be crack commando’s in Drummer’s mission to recapture the Nauvoo. (can we just call it the Behemoth already?) Which apparently was turned right around and is heading back to Tycho. Seems like a lost potential to resolve that storyline so quickly but I do understand how much content needs to be covered in this season and it’s not a small quantity.

How about those Martians? The Roci crew decide (most of them) that solving their ammo derth was an issue that could be best solved by looting a derelict Martian fast attack ship. They dock, they loot, and then they find some apparently dim-witted survivors. They proceed to rescue said survivors, get them off the derelict ship, bring them back onto the Roci, and complete entire medical exams on them before one of them notices “Hey, you guys aren’t Martians!”. Apparently, Mars doesn’t that IQ into account in the naval enlistment process.

The Martians whine and pout about how they have a duty to get back onto the front lines and die for their country/planet that much quicker. This was about the point where I convinced myself that the storyline for the next couple episodes would revolve around the Martians plotting to overthrow the ship when I looked up back at my screen and said aloud “Oh, I guess we’re doing this now”. Yup, they try to take the ship in the most half-assed mutiny I have ever seen. Seriously most of them give up the second they even see another gun. Another one couldn’t even tell if his rifle was loaded. A standard issue rifle, from the same military he belonged to.  I mean come on lol. Bobby did talk them down, and she is hardcore. But it will be a while before I believe any more talk about Mars being the badass military in the Expanse universe.

The Errinwright storyline seems to be slowly wrapping up and hopefully, it will be Anna that buries him. Avasarala is slowly coming to terms with being powerless on someone else’s ship, I find the subtleties there very comical. And the big reveal at the end. Mao’s menagerie are starting to play Arborghast with real people. I knew Mao’s turnaround wouldn’t last but wow that was short. Anyway, that’s pretty much it. See you next week.

PS. I did actually enjoy this episode :-p