Is Battletech worth buying?

It would seem I am doing game reviews now. After picking up the game Battletech on Steam and realizing that I have spent half my weekend playing it and thus not writing blog posts because of it. Well, it was an easy decision. So with an intro like that it’s a safe bet that I will give it some glowing reviews. And I do really like this game but there are a couple issues.

First though wtf is this game? Battletech and Mechwarrior are a line of video games, board games, pen and paper RPGs & collectible card games. all listed here. If you walked into this game thinking it was a new series you would be mistaken. This is a game whose history goes far back into the 80’s (hence the clunky mech designs) It’s a game that I was first introduced to in 97′-98′ with Mechwarrior 2. Back then the game was essentially a flight sim. Offering a cockpit view which you would be forgiven for mistaking for an actual airplane. The game made up for a lack of graphics with some very deep and compelling gameplay. But unfortunately for whatever reason, we don’t make flight sims or battlemech sims. (Note below) What we do make are tactical RPGs (Battletech), & MMORPGs (Mechwarrior Online). Battletech is essentially a clone of XCOM if you’ve seen those. Awesome games themselves and I’m very ok with people making what clones of XCOM because the genre of tactical RPG is a lot of fun and massively underrepresented today. I mean there’s what, XCOM, Battletech, Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem. IDK many others. We need more, and I think the main reason it is so easy to label Battletech as an XCOM clone is because there are so few of those games to begin with.

Battletech offers a very rich story. Compelling tactical gameplay which requires true strategy to survive. stunning cinematic views of battles. It gets a lot right. OK, what does it get wrong? Wellllll. The save system is broken. Not too bad. I am still playing it. but games can only be saved in between battles. This is an obvious decision. If players could save every turn and if they could save mid-battle it would break the game. I get that. But battles last upwards of an hour and a half to two hours sometimes. You have to commit to that time or lose your progress. You also cannot cancel a mission once you accept it. There were a couple times when I accepted missions that were too strong for my team and had to go back and replay the last mission to catch back up again and be on the right track. Thankfully your previous saves are not deleted or else I would have to start at the beginning but it’s still a dick punch to have to spend that time replaying things you’ve already done. But it also could be a testament to how much fun this game is for me to accept that and still do it anyway.

So Battletech is sweet, def worth it. has some flaws but also has a very good chance that they will be fixed through patches so if you’re on the fence with this game go ahead and take the jump. If you’re just hearing of it now. well, you should probably do some research to see if you will like these kinds of games but still, I think there is a better than half chance you will.

EDIT;  Turns out I’m wrong about Mechwarrior games because Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries comes out in December. It looks to be everything I’ve hoped for and you know we will be talking about it.