Meet “Google AI” the new re-branded title of Google Research.

AI reigns king today, and any problem that can be potentially solved with an algorithm is, regardless of whether or not it is appropriate to let a computer decide in the first place. Please see the link I posted earlier today regarding the EFF article “Math can’t solve everything” In which attention is called to situations where computers are now deciding whether child protective services should act on a potential child being at risk. Or whether or not someone should continue receiving welfare benefits.

Well, Google announced today that they are doubling down on this practice, rolling its research division together with it’s AI division. Signaling to the world that Google will no longer focus on non-AI research. Or, (as I think is infinitely more likely) that they never did in the first place. (NOTE; Google has said specifically that non-AI research will continue under the Google AI banner. Yet the validity of this statement remains unclear.)

The rebranding process has already been completed on all of Google’s websites & social media channels. The new site can be found here. It does, however, precede the popular Google I/O developers conference, which will occur later today. It is possible that this new division will be showcasing new products and services today like the machine learning framework Tensor Flow. More on that if & when it occurs.

Math can’t solve everything,

Math Can’t Solve Everything: Questions We Need To Be Asking Before Deciding an Algorithm is the Answer

Across the globe, algorithms are quietly but increasingly being relied upon to make important decisions that impact our lives. This includes determining the number of hours of in-home medical care patients will receive, whether a child is so at risk that child protective services should investigate…