Rick & Morty picked up for 70 more episodes.

This will be a quick post. Just wanted to address the renewal of Rick & Morty for 70 new episodes! Wow 70 episodes translates to 7 seasons. Though I do find it odd that the news was released this way. The 70 episode comment may hint at some none traditional season formats. Possibly some spin off content. Etc. It also means no contract negotiations for a long long time. I hope the two co-creators got what they want out of the deal. And furthermore are sure that what they want is not going to change for at least 7 years. The good news is that work on the series can continue now. If you’re a smart content creator under contract negotiation you know that one wants to pay top dollar to you for something you’re already doing for free right now. Thankfully for this series that is no longer a problem. Now if only this sort of luck can save The Expanse.

The Expanse 3×05 Mutiny Inception

Hey all, Back for another week of season 3. But first I regret to say that these Expanse posts will likely be going to bi weekly if they survive at all. My enthusiasim to state the obvious waines and if site statistics are any measure you all are not crazy about them either. Anyway lets not start the review on a sad note.

I’m glad we are starting to see some real action finally! Most of the beginning of this episode was more dialog but it’s pretty clear that it is going away for a couple episodes. Alex gets to hear from his son. I had thought the Alex family thing was a small aside to the rest of the show but now it feels like this is building to something bigger.

Avasarala apparently actually does want to get her hands on the protomolicule, I hate to say it but this feels out of place. I mean has she forgotten she is on the run for her life? Has she forgotten Eros or all the BS with Errinwright? It seems pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that this purple goo is bad news for everyone involved. I guess the argument is that it’s clear this thing is just not going to go away now so understanding it is nessicary. But that was the same logic used to justify injecting it into children.

Then the other big storyline was all about what happened when the Erriwright tape gets leaked within the members of the UN Navy. I’m glad we are getting to see the actual iner workings of the UN Navy finally. Until now we only knew of Earth through it’s high level politics. Unfortunatley nearly everyone aboard the Agatha King is now dead after the mutiny then non mutiny then mutiny again. This nearly got to the point of a Benny Hill show mixed with tragedy and gunfire. Souther didn’t seem to last long. But I have a feeling he is somehow going to survive that shot for one more episode.

And that was basically it. No Anna this week. I was expecting her to do something with her copy of the Errinwright tape but that will have to wait. The only other occurance was that of another infuruating cliff hanger. They really do that too well. It of course works, I always go and watch the next thing. But it makes me furious. I loved Infinity War right up until the last 10 minutes and not I can’t bear how mad it makes me lol.

Edit; the Expanse was just canceled! This is bad news today but could very easily turn into good news if a streaming service like Netflix picks it up. From what I have heard the SyFy contract was too dependant on its cable TV audience. A format which has been dying for a long time. There’s good reason Comcast is the most hated company in America.