Your Internet rights are being decided today.

Thats right. Another big net neutrality vote. Luckily today it is about restoring the original rules and not breaking the system more. I’m sure a lot of you are sick of hearing about this. Trust me I sympathize. I try as a rule to keep politics out of this website. It just turns into a big pissing match that nobody wins. But when I’m asked to give up existing rights that is a big problem. Essentially the net neutrality repeal is a big cash handout to the telcom providers at huge expense of everybody else, in terms of both money and freedom.

Fight the privacy fatigue and please pay attention to this one, both for me and yourselves. Thanks

Net neutrality is getting a big vote in the Senate today. Here’s what to expect.

Senate lawmakers are expected to vote Wednesday on a resolution that aims to undo a sweeping act of deregulation undertaken last year by the Federal Communications Commission – and issue a rebuke to the Trump administration, which supported the FCC’s move. The resolution targets the FCC’s vote in December to repeal its net neutrality rules for Internet providers.