Hyperloop & BFR to work in conjunction to create speedy global transportation network.

This is a cool article and a great dream for the future. I just wish it was written from more of a concrete of a plan than just one of Elon’s tweets.

While BFR would be a momentous achievement for humankind I have to say to me hyperloop seems like just a redesigned subway. Maybe it just pales in comparison to the possibility of BFR. If we built an Earth to Earth space travel industry then all the equipment we need to go to Mars, the Moon,  the Asteroid belt, or beyond. Will simply exist in abundance. It would be the equivalent to a Moon mission being as easy as redirecting the flight of a 747. Parts costs will drop from mass production. Maintenance would be significantly cheaper. And if we could actually create Hydrazine from water? Goodbye fossil fuel aerospace industry!

Elon Musk Plans to Link Hyperloop with SpaceX’s BFR to Send People Around the World

Elon Musk has announced how two of his biggest ideas the hyperloop vacuum-sealed transit system, and the SpaceX BFR could come together to transport humans across the globe at super fast speed. Musk explained on Twitter that SpaceX has plans to offer “Earth-to-Earth” trips using the BFR by 2024.