Rick & Morty picked up for 70 more episodes.

This will be a quick post. Just wanted to address the renewal of Rick & Morty for 70 new episodes! Wow 70 episodes translates to 7 seasons. Though I do find it odd that the news was released this way. The 70 episode comment may hint at some none traditional season formats. Possibly some spin off content. Etc. It also means no contract negotiations for a long long time. I hope the two co-creators got what they want out of the deal. And furthermore are sure that what they want is not going to change for at least 7 years. The good news is that work on the series can continue now. If you’re a smart content creator under contract negotiation you know that one wants to pay top dollar to you for something you’re already doing for free right now. Thankfully for this series that is no longer a problem. Now if only this sort of luck can save The Expanse.

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