Site News: 6/20/18

Hey all. Little bit of site news today and along with some coming changes. I have realized that I am hardly a pundit. Writing an article a day, for me, takes up too much of my time that would be better served elsewhere and furthermore the payoff for that time investment is lacking. I formerly committed to posting every day based on some advice that daily posts are crucial to building a blog. But in all honesty the practice was degrading the quality of my posts. Lesson learned. In the future I am going to stick to much fewer high-quality posts. I also want to drift away from commenting on the news. I hate the news, It’s toxic, and I think you should hate it too assuming you don’t already. Maybe that wasn’t always the case but today it is clearly better to be uninformed than misinformed. Also I hope to focus more on tutorials or similar. I want to post data that people are actually looking for. I want them to read it and get something from it and leave happy. As far as when I will get to work on this… well let’s just say that my day job is demanding a greater share of my time for the next… hopefully not too long. But the future looks bright, Stay tuned and thanks for reading.


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