Russian company developing lasers capable of destroying objects in orbit.

A Russian company affiliated with Roscosmos the Russian space agency is said to be working on a ground based laser project which will have the capability of vaporizing space junk into tiny particles.

The company is named the Research-and-Production Corporation Precision Systems. A name that likely makes a lot more sense in Russian. They claim to be developing a 3 meter laser ‘canon’ that will use laser ablation to remove mass and effectively destroy space debris, which is becoming a real issue in low earth orbit with remnants of every human space launch speeding around the globe at orbital velocity. One can imagine the carnage that an astronauts lost wrench could cause when it flies through a launching satellite booster at 17,000mph.

It makes me feel good that someone is tackling the space junk problem but it shouldn’t take much thought on this topic to realize that if space debris cal be vaporized then so can communications satellites, space stations, spy satellites and military satellites. I see this possibly becoming a repeat of the 1980’s U2 incident when the Russians find a USA spy satellite that we agreed not to have to have in the first place and blow it to dust. They would be right in doing so but like all the stupid things governments do it’s their people that suffer.

This was first written of by an RT article that can be found here.